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Stephanie Van Hover
Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education

Stephanie teaches social studies methods courses at the elementary and secondary level as well as social studies doctoral seminars. Additionally, Stephanie coordinates the secondary social studies teacher education program at the Curry School.  Formerly a teacher in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she earned her doctorate in social studies education from the University of Florida in 2001 under Elizabeth Yeager. Her dissertation, a historical biography in curriculum history, examined Deborah Partridge Wolfe's contributions to social education.  Her other research interests include technology, democracy and social studies education, and the teaching and learning of history.  Currently, Stephanie is exploring the use of digital imagery in history instruction and is involved in several other research studies including the following: an exploration of students' understandings of historical significance within the context of standards of accountability, a curriculum history analyzing the impact of the 1931 Virginia Curriculum plan, and a study examining secondary pre-service teachers' conceptions of democracy.

Email: sdv2w@virginia.edu



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