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One of the goals of the Center is to prepare K-12 teachers to integrate technology effectively in their content areas. Each content area represented here includes lesson plans.

Mathematics Education

The Center's math group is currently developing activities that will prepare teachers to use technology to enhance and extend students' learning of mathematics. Currently the site contains the group's mathematics modules and Flash movies, as well as guidelines for appropriate integration of technology in mathematics teacher preparation.

Science Education

The Centerís science group has developed compelling examples of technology-enhanced science lessons for science education methods courses. Guidelines for appropriate integration of technology in science teacher preparation are also available here.

Social Studies Education

The Center's social studies group has been working to develop and disseminate appropriate applications of educational technologies in social studies education. The site contains the group's guidelines, modules, and information about the various partnerships with other institutions.


English Education

A Language Arts site is being created with concern for the holistic impact of technology on learners and teachers, rather than simply focusing on training to acquire technical skills. This site provides lessons keyed to Virginia State Standards, as well as media and literacy research, and resources.


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Last modified on September 10, 2005