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Periodic Table Trends: Melting Point and Boiling Point

This activity allows students to explore the relationship between an element's position in the periodic table, and its respective melting and boiling points. Students will create a graph from the Excel spreadsheet data provided. The graph provides a visual tool that helps students explore and identify the temperature range associated with gas, liquid, and solid phases of individual elements and observe periodic trends for these states of matter.

The Chem Data set included with this lesson is a spreadsheet containing the following information for all elements in the periodic table:

  • Atomic symbols
  • Group location
  • A-group elements: groups 1, 2, 13-18
  • B-group elements: the transition elements in groups 3-12
  • F-block elements: the lanthanide and actinide series elements
  • Group number
  • Element name
  • Atomic number
  • Atomic mass
  • Melting point and boiling point
  • Electronegativity value
  • First ionization energy
  • Covalent atomic radius

Grade level 9-12

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