Who Wants to Be a Pioneer?
Designed by Rob Dent and Paula White
Spring 2000

Welcome to the "Who Wants to Be a Pioneer" WebQuest! Using information obtained from the Internet, student teams, known as Wagon Trains, will construct questions in the style of those found on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Once questions are constructed and refined, the Wagon Trains will participate in a trial run of their own game show. With this experience behind them, Wagon Trains will refine their questions and answers and the fifth grade 'Westward Expansion" review for the SOL test will occur through their playing the game show as well.

This WebQuest is a product of a very interesting pre-service/in-service partnership between the Curry School of Education's Center for Technology and Teacher Education and Albemarle County Public Schools' Department of Technology. Please contact Becky Fisher with questions about this and other partnership programs and projects.

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